Wednesday, October 8, 2008

so that's what my kids look like!

In the past week, I've put my kids to bed every night (that didn't mean they went to sleep though), made lunches the night before they were needed, known where the shoes were most of the time, and thourougly decluttered my kitchen. I still have not been home for dinner much, but I see progress. I've also played scrabble and watched a movie with my husband, and taken the guest dog for a walk. And gone to the gym twice.
It's not that things have changed so much here at the office, but I feel like the burden has been lifted, that I will someday get through the charting backlog, and that I can go back to worrying about people first and money later. I still get panicky when 2 or 3 people cancel in a day, but so far, when that happens, the spots have filled back up.
There is another strange phenomenon too, yesterday I received 2 gifts from patients that are transferring. It seems funny to me that people who are changing doctors would be sending a thank you gift to the current doctor, but not staying. I understand that a little angel statue is a much more affordable token of appreciation than $100 a visit, but if my care is worthy of a hallmark card or even better, gourmet German chocolate, wouldn't it be worth it to get fewer manicures and get the top notch medical care.
Then, when I say that, I feel like I'm being snobby, and I don't want to be. I know that there are many Family Docs out there that are doing a wonderful job, but I know too many that seem like they are pressured to to more and more in less and less time. Every patient satisfaction survey I've looked at notes that amount of time is one of the biggest complaints.
So that's where we are a week into this adventure. So far so good.


robb tac said...

way to go Beth. Buya!

Mr. Sock said...

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that matter. Half the time I'm running around going from one thing to the next and then I'll see my kids and then I remember why I'm doing all of this. Putting kids down to bed is one of my favorite activities with them!

Tac said...

mr sock, you are welcome to put my kids to bed anytime. i esp like trying to put your (oldest) kid and my (youngest) kid to bed at the same time. that's always and adventure!!

KathTac said...

u go girl! i still think npr should do an article on you!