Tuesday, September 30, 2008

government cheese

"Why should I pay you for a visit, when I can go to the doctor up the road with my medicare and get the visit for free?" asked the cute little lady whom I've grown to love despite her arguments and noncompliance. I asked her if she remembered government cheese. I tried to tell her that she's welcome to go to the doc up the road, and might very well do fine there, and I in fact like the doc up the road. But if she's looking for something else in healthcare, something different in her visits, she could pay to come here. Maybe, with healthcare, we are getting to a point where the government subsidized plan isn't the best one for everyone (I said carefully without trying to offend those still participating the government program). So I tried to parallel government healthcare with government cheese.
Turns out she loved "ronnie's cheese" as she called it, gave me a good recipe for veggies with melted government cheese, and wished me luck. I'll miss her, truly, but maybe she'll be back...
or maybe she'll make the best of the change.
Today is my last day as a medicare participating provider, and boy am I glad september is over. I'm still bogged down in charts to copy, issues to follow up on, and getting Connor to do his work, but I feel, at least, like I can move forward.

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