Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It has been an interesting mix of people that have decided to "stick with me" through this practice change. Some, despite having money to go on several cruises a year, have opted to save their money and transfer. (Which is fine). Others, with seemingly very little money, come in and pay, and often with a bit of pride about it. Many will come into the exam room and try to pay me directly (rather than the receptionist), and others will say to their spouse as they walk down the hall, "don't forget, we have to pay the lady". But they don't seem begrudging, or annoyed, I get a sense of pride from them, that they have opted to spend their limited resources on something important. It is as though, I feel sometimes, I am backed by a small, ragged, and sometimes sick little army in this battle against a failing healthcare system. And they are rallying. Its cool.
In the past week since the election, I can feel the energy and hope. Cape May County is strongly republican, and there are still some difficulties understanding that skin color is not relevant to leadership ability. But people will whisper to me behind their hand that they are secretly glad that Obama was elected, and that he will be a great president. (One person told me they even voted for him!) It is this optimism, I think, that at least this week, keeps me, and my small army going. Once more unto the breach!

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